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The Belgium Beer Festival will take place in six city centres across the UK in 2017. Our team have assembled a selection of 150 different Belgium Beers covering almost every style of beer ranging amber ales to champagne beers. With over 180 breweries Beligum is one of the world largest and oldest brewers of ales and beers, our event celebrates these beers along with Belgium favourites such as waffles and Belgium chocolate.

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Visit 'The Vodka Festival' to experience more than 120 different vodkas from a massive range of craft distilleries combined with tasting sessions, free giveaways, street food and live music. A fantastic atmosphere and unrivalled experience.  Our Vodka festivals are two or three day events and a give you a great chance to sample new and exciting products. Try a vodka cockail whilst enjoying the live entertainment!


Drink your way around the world at the International Beer Festival. Our event features a selection of beers from over 60 countries, go from A (Austraila) to Z (Zambia) and experience a wide range of unique tastes.

Our beers are selected to provide a broad spectrum of tastes and flavours from near and far.

Don't like Beer?  Well all our events also feature the wine corner and the craft vodka experience.

Combined with musical entertainment and tasting sessions, the international beer festival is not to be missed!